Macabre Miniature Narratives In Acrylic Bubbles

macabre dioramas by abigail goldman

Abigail Goldman has a sick sense of humor. And people love it. Her handmade “Die-O-ramas” are miniature narratives in which grisly murders of all types have taken place. Last March she showed 50 pieces of her macabre work at SPOKE NYC in an exhibit titled Wishful Thinking. Read more

A Prescription For Art. ‘Meds’ by Psychotherapist and Sculptor Jon Harvey.

Jon Harvey Medsabove: Big Pharma Meds, 2010 by Jon Harvey

Making a commentary on politics, government, crime, society, the internet, business and cultural stereotypes, artist Jon Harvey has encapsulated — literally — icons and elements in oversized clear pill capsules for multiple series of sculptures. Read more