Fabulous Design, Illustration and Packaging by Veronika Kieneke for the GÖRTZ brand.

Hamburg-based creative and design agency Gürtlerbachmann has created many beautiful in-store promotional pieces for German shoe store chain GÖRTZ. From designing sock puppets and wearable bags to promote their children’s section to beautiful packaging for wool socks. Read more

Magnificent Modern Pianos by Designer Peter Maly for Sauter.

Four years ago, I shared with you a beautifully designed Grand Piano by Audi and bunch of uniquely designed modern concert, grand and upright pianos by well-known German piano makers Bosendorfer and Schimmel. Read more

Fabulous Finds for The Fancy Feline. Modern Beds and Bowls to Meow for.

Modern cat beds and feeders

If you’ve got both a cat and a sense of style, H.J. Mews has the feline furniture and feeding bowl for you. Read more

Color Me Christmas! 10 New Pantone Christmas Ornaments.

Pantone Christmas Ornaments

I’ve been waiting for these for awhile. Almost made them myself last year. Finally, Pantone Universe has come out with Christmas ornaments made by Studio Badini Createam for Selab. So far, I can only find them at Seletti, but I hope they’ll be making their way to the US soon. Made of glass, the Pantone Xmas Balls are available in ten different PMS colors. Read more

77 Of The Coolest Backpacks You’ll Ever See. Eastpak’s Artist Designed Bags For Charity.

above and below: the unique artist designed Easpak bags range from goth and edgy to playful.

I once thought Eastpak was just a bunch of utilitarian nylon backpacks and bags, but boy was I wrong. I had not been aware of their numerous collaborations with artists or their huge selection of uniquely designed and patterned bags.

But most interesting is their Eastpak Artist’s Studio in which 77 of the most creative personalities from eight different countries (one continent) were selected to produce original creations from a number of limited edition ‘blank’ EASTPAK bags. The bags were available to bid upon with the proceeds from each donated to various charities.

The artists were selected from different backgrounds and include painters, sculptors and poets as well as musicians, graffiti artists and television personalities. Below I have shown all of the bags and called out some of my personal favorites from each country.








Hong Kong:

EASTPAK is proud to support this select group of artists and the communities that feed their inspiration. All proceeds of sales of these one-of-a-kind creations were be donated to a local charity organisation in each participating country.

Other Eastpak Designer Collaborations:

In addition to the Artist’s Studio project, they have also had collaborations with prominent designers as Raf Simons, Quinze and Milan, Christopher Shannon, Eley Kishimoto Ed Banger and Gaspard Yurkievich and Antoine Peters.

For availability please check eastpak.com.

Japanese Botanical Artist Makoto Azuma Goes Green With The Classic Aeron Chair.

aeron_chair goes green

Apparently, a rolling task chair does gather moss. Read more

The Work Of Tobias Wong. May He Redesign Heaven.

A Tribute to Tobias Wong
photo by Nigel Parry


Tobias Wong (1974-2010)
I was shocked to learn that Vancouver born, New York based designer Tobias Wong just passed away last Sunday at the very young age of 35 (late breaking news reports say it was an apparent suicide). I have blogged about much of his work and have been a fan for years. In addition to his own work, he often collaborated with many different artists, companies and designers to create unique, conceptual, witty and absurd pieces. Read more