Animal Pocket Knives by David Suhami & How To Get One Of Your Own.

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Israeli designer David Suhami’s Animal Pocket Knives have been getting a lot of attention. The stainless steel and wood wildlife versions of the traditional Swiss army knife are actually undergoing production so you can have one of your own soon. Read more

iD/Cutlery. Designer Stainless Flatware From RoyalVKB.

my iD for dining
Royal VKB iD/cutlery is a new collection of eating utensils of high-quality stainless steel designs, designed by various international designers.

‘Western’ or ‘Asian’ dining is an option with iD/cutlery since each set comes complete with chopsticks in a stylish presentation and storage box. iD/cutlery is a concept that will continuously be added to, enabling the various new designs to be collected.

Here are the first four designs in the collection.

iD/cutlery by Ineke Hans

“This is my design for iD/cutlery. I based my design upon the archetypical shape of cutlery and made it robust and heavy. It may seem plain at first but the backsides are nicely engraved with different patterns as a reference to the lusciously decorated cutlery designs of the past. There’s more than meets the eye. Enjoy my iD for dining.” — Ineke Hans

€ 39,95
$ 59.32

iD/cutlery by Richard Hutten

“This is my design for iD/cutlery. Eating is fun and social, so my cutlery has to contribute to the fun of eating. Therefore I created cutlery that is easy to use, playful and no-nonsense. The shapes are essentially geometrical and carry the trademark ‘Hutten-loop’. Use it as a necklace. Hang it on a spike. Make it yours. Enjoy my iD for dining.” — Richard Hutten

€ 39,95
$ 59.32

iD/cutlery by Gijs Bakker

“This is my design for iD/cutlery. I took a drop of water and flattened the top to create the basic shape for this elegant design. My iD/cutlery combines the looks of a reclined silhouette with a great feel of plasticity and perfect balance. Because I am a big fan of Italian food, I designed the fork with extra long teeth and a perfect hilt for spinning spaghetti. Enjoy my iD for dining.” — Gijs Bakker

€ 69,95
$ 103.87

iD/cutlery by Bow Wow

“This is our design for iD/cutlery. We thought back to more primitive times and imagined the dining table as a landscape where nature prevails. This awakened our awareness of the moment when tools were first discovered and inspired us to use natural elements. We designed this cutlery by combining the minimalistic shapes of branches and leaves. Why not create a different dining landscape by combining the three main pieces to form the shape of a “tipi”. Enjoy our iD for dining.” — Bow Wow

€59.95 EUR
$89.03 USD

Royal VKB Zilverstraat 40 2718 RK Zoetermeer The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 79 3680 500 Fax: + 31 79 3680 572

Shop here for iD/Cutlery

Design With An Edge. Several Edges, Actually. Buchegger Denoth Feichtner Design

Thomas Feichtner, Bernhard Buchegger, Michael Denoth of Buchegger Denoth Feichtner Design of Austria like angles. So much so that many of their products resemble origami with flat intersecting geometric planes. They apply this style to everything from lounge chairs to drinking glasses. All all of them look really sharp, figuratively speaking of course.

Take a look:

date: 2006
type: flatware
material: silver 940/000
size: 200 x 50 x 15 mm
producer: Wiener Silberschmiede, Austria

Cutt is a cutlery made of silver and is produced in Vienna by the traditional Wiener Silberschmiede Werkstaette.

Coma Lamp
date: 2007
type: table lamp
material: aluminium, sheet metal
size: 630 x 240 x 150mm

The self-supporting metal enclosure is made all in one piece.

date: 2006
type: chair
material: aluminium, powder coated
size: 85 x 52 x 50 cm
producer: Designwerkstätte Schatzl, Austria

FX10 Loungechair
date: 2006
type: lounge chair
material: wood, leather
size: 70 x 90 x 106 cm
producer: Neue Wiener Werkstätte, Austria

Water Bottle
date: 2007
type: bottle for mineral water 0,25l
material: recycled green glass
size: 190 x 102 x 102 mm

Bric Drinking Glasses
date: 2006
type: drinking glass
material: Murano glass
size: 100 x 60 x 60 mm

Eyry Pendant Lamp
date: 2007
type: pendant
material: wireframe, tricot fabric
size: 140 x 32 x 40 cm

Filio Ring
date: 2008
type: ring
material: silver
size: 40 x 30 x 25 mm
design: Thomas Feichtner
one-off piece

At first glance Table Chair is an occasional table, made of black coated wood with table legs made of chrome. If you open Table Chair, you discover a comfortable seat.

Table Chair
date: 2006
type: table (chair)
material: leather, chrome, piano laquer
size: 42 x 45 x 45 cm (closed)
producer: Wiener Werkstätte, Austria

FSB 5930
date: 2007
type: door handle
material: aluminium
size: 180 x 80 x 60 mm
producer: FSB, Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG

Honey Chair
date: 2007
type: lounge chair
material: wood
size: 96 x 88 x 84 cm
producer: Holzwerkstatt Manfred Rehberger, Austria

The Honey Chair clearly displays the geometric trademark. The formal solution is angular, but nevertheless comfortable. Holzwerkstatt Rehberger, a richly traditional workshop in Upper Austria, undertakes production.

date: 2008
type: watch
material: titanium, sapphire glass
size: caliber42mm, 16mm

date: 2006
type: pottery
material: ceramic

The Sharp-Looking Guys Behind The Designs:

Above from left: Thomas Feichtner, Bernhard Buchegger, Michael Denoth
Photo: Paul Kranzler

Visit their site here.