Nail Lacquers Inspired By Everything from Bruises To Dickens, STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™

strangebeautiful nail lacquers

This sophisticated line of nail polishes is the brainchild of Jane Schub, an illustrator turned cosmetics designer. Sold in color “libraries”, the individual polishes are nameless and instead grouped as collections of color inspired by various and sometimes, disturbing, things. Each bottle in the 10 piece libraries is 0.5 fluid ounces. Read more

Killer Cosmetics. Ted Noten Creates Feminine Firearms As Makeup Kits.

Amsterdam-based Atelier Ted Noten (known for his unique jewelry designs) has designed the white ‘Dior 001’ gun and the black ‘Chanel 001’ gun as part of a larger series entitled ‘7 necessities for a woman to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man.’

Branded as Dior 001 and Chanel 001, the white and black pistols pack a feminine punch as they double as make-up bags. The two 3D printed nylon guns are vehicles of finding a new language between the 3D printing technique and traditional goldsmithing.

The feminine firearms are retrofitted with hand-tooled 18-karat gold details and loaded with cosmetic ammo. There’s a lip gloss and wand in the muzzle, the loading chamber doubles as a pill compartment (complete with pills, including Viagra), 100 grams of certified silver bullion in the Dior gun clip, 50 grams of 24-karat gold in the Chanel, a toothpick and, in some models, a hairpin and a small vial of perfume. The guns also conceal a 4-gigabyte jump drive.

Dior 001


“Seven Necessities” debuted at Amsterdam’s Gallery Rob Koudijs and was exhibited at Art Basel by the Ornamentum Gallery of Hudson, N.Y.

If you purchase one of the make-up kits, Noten’s Atelier can customize it and arrange refills. The white Dior gun costs 8,000 euros, (about $11,500 USD) and The black Chanel gun costs over $17,000. That’s a pretty penny for any pistol packing mamma.

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From Classic Lalique To The New Starck Version – A Look At All The L’Air Du Temps Bottles Since 1948.

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It was announced a few days ago that the classic Nina Ricci perfume bottle for the L’Air du Temps fragrance spray has been redesigned by omnipresent designer Philippe Starck as a special limited edition. Read more