Pantone Foodmood: A Color Inspired Cookbook

The world’s foremost authority on color, Pantone has managed to move their brand from a printing industry-only Color Management System to a household name with their Annual Color of The Year and their slew of licensed Pantone Universe products for the home. Read more

Dining Dali Style. Salvador’s Sumptuous 1973 Cookbook Is Reprinted.


Much like his surreal art, Salvador Dali’s original 1973 cookbook contained recipes that are sumptuous and sensual. Re-released in a new printing by Taschen, the book is as much fodder for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Instructions to prepare the Old School cuisine are accompanied by images of his imaginative artwork and his musings on various related subjects such as Dinner conversation. Read more

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook and its No F*cking Bullshit Promotion

thug kitchen hero

The popular website Thug Kitchen has released their first cookbook, a breath of fresh air amongst the pretty and pretentious healthy-eating cookbooks on the market. The edgy cookbook has been promoted with a very explicit, but absolutely hilarious, trailer as you would expect from a company whose tagline is “Eat like you give a fuck.” Read more