22 Miniature Ice Fishing Hut Sculptures – One Empire Wide by David Trautrimas.

miniature ice fishing huts

One Empire Wide is a series of sculptural works exploring discarded Canadiana through scale model ice fishing huts by artist David Trautrimas. Read more

Barnaby Barford’s Twisted Trafalgar Square [77 photos]

Barnaby Barford

Irreverent UK sculptor Barnaby Barford has just completed his largest piece to date. An installation comprised of 22 individual pieces, the work reflects his view of the corruption of London’s Trafalgar Square. Read more

Golden Girl: Artist Marc Quinn Unveils 18k Gold Statue of Kate Moss

Marc Quinn 18k gold statue of Kate Moss

An 18 karat gold sculpture of model Kate Moss in a yoga position is hardly my idea of a worthwhile way to spend approximately 2.75 million US dollars. But that’s the estimated value of artist Marc Quinn‘s latest incarnation of his contorted life-sized Kate Moss figure. Read more