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Portraits With A Penetrating Gaze by Petar Mosic

Many of the contemporary surrealist portrait paintings by Serbian artist Petar Mošić have more in common than just their illustrious quality, they also confront the viewer with a steely penetrating gaze. Equal parts unnerving as compelling, these painting have an undeniably seductive quality. The subjects speak with their eyes, behind which lie tales only imagined, imbuing the paintings with a sense of mystery. (more…)

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Ivana Zivic Rooms of Water

Plise, 2019, oil on canvas, 80 x 120 cm

Artist Ivana Zivic Rooms of Water paintings are a series of artworks which blend realism, fantasy and montage to result in surreal pieces that depict clothed human figures submerged underwater. Only they are not in lakes, pools or oceans but instead are swimming, floating and gliding through interiors. (more…)

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Dutch Artist Fred van der Wal and His Beach Paintings

It has been said that every artist has a little crazy in them. Some more than others. Enter Fred van der Wal, a self-professed photographer, draftsman, painter and writer whose artwork I quite accidentally came upon. The Dutch artist may be best known in The Netherlands for his pencil drawings but it’s his little known series of beach paintings that caught my eye. (more…)

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