Stroll through Tate Britain with Animator Jack Sachs.

Jack Sachs Tate Britain Animation

This three minute video, Jack Sachs x Tate Britain: SHHH!, combines a tour through some of Tate Britain’s most historic spaces combined with some wacky and wonderful CG characters and animation by Jack Sachs. Read more

Incredible Homes Designed To Sell Prime Property For The Agency.

computer generated homes to sell property

In an attempt to sell 2.62 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate high atop the Sunset Strip, high-end realtors The Agency hired the Ameen Ayoub Design Studio to create the kind of homes that would make your jaw drop. Read more

Nicholas Galanin Paper Sculptures Inspire Dutch Book Week Ad Campaign Posters.

Nicholas Galanin paper sculptures

Advertising and marketing agencies are often inspired by fine art. Such is the case with Etcetera’s wonderful promotional posters for Dutch Book Week. Read more