Modern Mementos Of Macabre Moments in History By Boym

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Boym Partners has a different idea of a souvenir than you may be used to. No romantic recollections reproduced in miniature, no glorification of heroes on porcelain plates, no picturesque renditions captured in snow globes. Read more

Funky Find Of The Week: Boym’s Sex Rugs; Aphrodite & Diana

Not only are the 100% wool hand-tufted “Sex” rugs by Boym Partners Inc. unusual, fun and functional art you can hang on the wall or place on the floor, but given that the extra long wool that acts as ‘hair’ can be cut or styled, they are actually interactive!

Limited to 10 pieces of each and made in India, they measure a full 6′ x 3′ and are surprisingly affordable at $850.00 USD a piece.

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