American Eagle Jumps on The Real Body Bandwagon with AerieMan Undies.

AerieMan Underwear Models April fools

Lately there’s been a slew of brands whose advertising features real women with bodies that are not photo-shopped, airbrushed or manipulated to appear as anything other than natural. Now American Eagle is doing the same for men with their ads for AerieMan underwear. Read more

Crystal Punch – Sparkly Pole Dancers & Crystal Clad Boxers By Hip Hop Icon Fab 5 Freddy.

crystal punch by fred braithwaite

The Cosmpolitan Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Art Production Fund, has been featuring the work of Fred Brathwaite (aka Fab 5 Freddy) as the first artist-in-residence at their on site at gallery, the P3 Studio. The show, Crystal Punch, opened on December 15th and will run through March, 2011. Read more

The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day. That Right, Another Tie!

old josh bach hero

But this is no ordinary tie. It’s a Josh Bach tie. Read more