Bird Houses of a Different Sort by artist Emmet Duggan

Bird Houses by Emmet Duggan

We’re no stranger to birds in art, being enormous fans of the work of artist David Tomb and the graphic design of Charley Harper and we love bird houses. But we’d not yet seen anything like the paintings of Emmet Dugan which depict birds in houses quite a bit differently. Read more

Stunning Limited Edition Single Malts For Bird Lovers

Italian whisky traders Lion’s Whisky and Whisky Antique teamed up with Jens Drewitz of Sansibar to create a new label called Antique Lions of Spirits (ALOS). The first series, The Birds, are six single malts with drop dead gorgeous labels and packaging.

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Ceramicist Stephen Bowers Serves Up Parrots on Plates With His Camouflage Series

stephen bowers camouflage bird plates

The focus of ceramicist Stephen Bowers’ Jamais Vu, a recent exhibition at Lauraine Diggins gallery, was be a remarkable dining set. Richly adorned serving, dinner and entrée plates, each displaying an Australian parrot are highlighted against a complex layering of background patterns to result in the breathtaking Camouflage Series tableware. Read more

Like Audubon On Acid: Surreal Nature Artist Tiffany Bozic

Surreal Nature Artist Tiffany Bozic
above:a detail from one of her most recent paintings, Triangle of Love, inspired by the spotted owls that nested this past summer in front of her house.

If James Audubon dropped acid his prior to working, his detailed renderings might have looked a little like those by surreal nature artist Tiffany Bozic. Read more

Modernist Items for the Home from Illustrator Charley Harper

Charley Harper

Charley Harper was an American original. For more than six decades he painted colorful and graphic illustrations of nature, animals, insects and people alike, from his home studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, until he passed away in 2007, at the age of 84. His work style has a Mid-century Modern meets Art Deco vibe to it and an aesthetic that is timeless. These items make great gifts for bird, animal and art lovers. Read more

Burn Wood, Baby, Burn. The Incredible Pyrographic Art of Julie Bender.

Pyrographic art hero IIHIH

When I first came across these, I found it so hard to believe they were actually wood burnings. The intricate rendering of texture, the detail and the overall appearance seems as though it’d be virtually impossible to create with a pyrographic tool. Julie Bender has shown me otherwise. Read more

Digital & Real Worlds Collide In Shawn Smith’s Pixelated Sculptures.

Shawn Smith's Pixelated Sculptures
above: detail of Shawn Smith’s Falcon

Game heads, birds, fish, other animals and fire are just a few of the subjects of Shawn Smith’s contemporary artwork. But unlike the many artists who choose to interpret these same items in realistic or impressionistic manners, artist Shawn Smith chooses to take them a step further. He combines the digital world with the real world by constructing his sculptures of wood blocks, creating three dimensional pixelated representations of animals and nature. Read more

See This Art Exhibit Before It Migrates. Borderland Birds By David Tomb.

There’s only a few more days to visit this amazing art exhibit/installation at the San Francisco Electric Works gallery. Borderland Birds, works on paper by David Tomb, features work inspired by Tomb’s birding trips to the borderlands of the United States and Mexico will close this Saturday, May 29th. Read more