The MINI Superleggera Vision: A Collaboration Between MINI and Touring Superleggera

MINI Superleggera hero IIHIH

While I’ve long admired the marketing, advertising and branding of MINI, I’ve never been a big fan of their automotive design. This gorgeous open top two-seater is probably the first MINI body design I’ve ever really liked, but unfortunately it’s an exclusive one-off design. Read more

Jaguar F-Type Gets 2 Artistic Makeovers, One Car Wrap and One on Canvas.

Jaguar FType art news IIHIH

I’ve got two pieces of art-related Jaguar news for you today. The winner of their social-media led design competition and a new work by automotive artist Tim Layzell, both in preparation for the upcoming Jaguar-sponsored Clerkenwell Design Week. Read more