When You Wish Upon A Death Star: 12 Visual Parallels Between The Star Wars Movies and Classic Disney Favorites.

Star Wars and Disney
above composite by If It’s Hip, It’s Here

Disney’s purchase of Lucas Films for $4.05 billion dollars which Lucas is generously donating to charity has been all over the news lately and as expected, lots of memes and clever mash-ups have been popping up online. Read more

A Paper Theater Brought to Life With Light Projection. The Ice Book By Davy McGuire.

the ice book

Davy McGuire is a director of film, theater and video art. He creates productions for stage, screen and exhibition spaces that blend elements of film, animation, theatre, puppetry, installation art and good old-fashioned illusions. Read more

Meet Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.

meet marcel the shell with shoes on

If you haven’t yet met Marcel, you’re missing out. So let me introduce you. Read more