arfITECTURE Architectural Pet Homes Raise Funds for Animal Rescue

arfitecture pet homes designed to raise money

This past Saturday, August 18th, ARF (the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons) hosted the Bow Wow Meow Ball where over 350 high profile (and very white) guests from New York and the Hamptons attended the evening to celebrate ARF’s life-saving work.

At the ball, ten one-of-a-kind designer dog houses and cat condos were auctioned off to raise important funds for cats and dogs in need. Although it’s not the first time we’ve seen architects and builders get together to create cool spaces for fur babies in the name of charity (Barkitecture is one example; these Cat Cribs are another), this time the idea came from local 14-year-old Luke Louchheim, whose family has adopted two ARFans, Buttercup and Sam. Read more

Anna Psalmond Helps Injured Animals of Costa Rica by Shooting Them.

Anna Psalmond photos of rescued animals

Anna Psalmond (now Anna Munanadar) is doing something to help injured, mistreated and abandoned animals of Costa Rica. She’s shooting them. When I say shooting, I mean photographing. Read more

Artists & Illustrators Draw On Their Love Of Animals For The Creative Pet Project.

I know there are many wonderfully innovative and creative projects out there asking for your funding on sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. But this one is truly worthwhile and supports two causes close to my own heart – Animals and Art. Read more

Lions And Tigers And Buttocks, Oh My! Body Painting By Craig Tracy

body painting by craig tracy

Along with the likes of Joanne Gair, Emma Hack, Verushka, Guido Daniele and M.A.C. make-up body artists I have featured, the body painting by Craig Tracy is yet another whose talents you simply have to see to believe. Read more

Good Fun for Good Dogs. And A Good Cause

puparazzi pups
Bruce Woofless, Clint Barkwood, Angelina Grrrowlie and Doggy Depp by Haute Diggity Dog

Is your loving companion a good dog?
Why not reward him or her with a mouthful of Rosie O’ Doggell or Brad Pittbull?
You’ll not only make your dog happy, but other dogs as well. What am I talking about? Read on. Read more