The Wyeths Penchant for Pumpkin Painting and Halloween

wyeth family pumpkin paintings
Andrew Wyeth, Mischief Night, 2002, watercolor on paper, private collection
Jamie Wyeth, Mischief Night, 1986, Mixed media on paper, 22.5” x 31”

If you’re at all familiar with American Art, you know the work of at least one of the Wyeths. The Wyeths are America’s most famous multi-generational family of artists. Beginning with illustrator and painter Newell Convers “N.C.” Wyeth (1882–1945) in the late 1800s, the family has spawned four generations of reputable artists. The artistic bloodline has continued not only through N. C. Wyeth’s youngest and most famous son, the late Andrew, directly down to Andrew’s son Jamie, but also to Andrew’s sisters Carolyn and Henriette, their spouses and their offspring as well. Read more

In Honor Of Turkey Day, 18 Works of Art Inspired By The Wishbone.

Works of Art Inspired By The Wishbone

The most common belief is that the tradition of breaking the wishbone at Thanksgiving began with the ancient Etruscans and Romans who dried chicken wishbones and touched them as they made a wish. Lacking enough bones to go around the Romans fought over them – breaking them in the process. The Romans were said to have later introduced the practice into Great Britain. Read more