Seniors Recreate Album Covers During Lockdown

Seniors recreate album covers during lockdown

The residents of the UK’s Sydmar Lodge Care Home and their caretakers have been finding creative ways to keep themselves busy and entertained during the Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown. The residential care facility’s seniors have been hilariously recreating album covers for the past 4 months. Read more

Natalie Sharp Paints Her Face as Eight Different Album Covers.

Several blogs have featured recent images of Face painter Natalie Sharp’s own visage made up as various music album covers, but none have shown the actual record cover art that inspired the makeup. That said, I’m going to do that for you as well as share close-ups of her impressive face paint. Read more

Sleevefaces. Vinyl Visages That Are So Simple And Yet So Captivating.

Sleeveface is a website that showcases the illusion of people replacing their own body parts with album covers – in most cases their heads. Some of them are hilarious, others seamlessly constructed and still others compellingly bizarre (no photoshopping allowed). Read more