Swarovski Encrusted Animal Skulls By Artists Peter Pracilio & Suzan Fellman

Swarovski Crystallized Animal Skulls

Note: I want to clarify that these amazing pieces are two completely different artists, working separately, because there has been some confusion due to the original title of the post.

Swarovski Crystallized Animal Skulls

Designer and artist Peter Pracilio (the same guy who designed the world’s most luxurious dog crate, which I love but cannot bring myself to pay for) has created a series of Swarovski crystal studded animal skulls for one of Brooklyn’s hippest Art and Design shops, “The Future Perfect”

Given the present state of the economy, The Future Perfect arranged an art show filled with limited edition work, and named it fittingly, “F@$k the Economy”

For the show, Peter released three one of a kind pieces inspired by Swarovski Crystal and the bigger picture of the hunt we are all on (his words, not mine).

Below are the three pieces for that particular show. All have since been sold.

Work 1 (SOLD):

above: New Zealand Fallow Deer (Dama dama) encrusted in Crystal Clear Swarovski crystal, dimensions: 24″ Overall Height 20″ Antler Width, Wall Mounted

Work 2 (SOLD):

above: New Zealand Ram (Ovis aries) encrusted in Jet Black Swarovski Crystal
dimensions: 20” Wide 12” Tall, Tabletop

Work 3 (SOLD):

above: South African Kirk’s Dik-dik (Madoqua kirkii) encrusted in Light Siam Swarovski Crystal, dimensions: 10″ Tall 3.25″ Wide, Wall Mount

In addition to the above three for The Future Perfect show, he has created a new work for a new client, Secret Society. This addition to his series ” Swarovski Crystal Safari” is covered in over 13,000 crystals. Encrusted in Black Diamond and Jet Black flatback stones, this one of a kind African Blesbok made its debut in Oslo Norway in the Secret Society during Oslo’s Fashion Week.

And below is his most recent addition to the Crystal Safari:

above: South African Duiker [2009], Antelope skull and Dark Indigo Swarovski Crystals, dimensions: 11″ L x 3.5″ W

The South African Duiker is a medium-sized antelope from the subfamilt Cephalophinae native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

check out more of Peter’s work at his site here.

Suzan Fellman

Another artist who has used Swarovski Crystals to embellish animal skulls is Suzan Fellmen

A former set designer , she chose to embellish the antlers in lieu of the skull with Swarovski crystals. Elegant removable custom iron mount included.

Because each piece is naturally one-of-a-kind, measurements are approximate: 24″-30″ high and 16″-24″ wide. Weight: 9-13 lbs. Available from her directly.

See Peter Pracilio’s $11,000.00 gold-plated version of his modern dog crate here.