The $11,000 Gold Plated Dog Crate (and less expensive versions for the rest of us).

The world’s coolest dog crate, the eiCrate, designed by Peter Pracilio for designGO! Brooklyn, New York has undergone a few name changes (it began as the Dog Cage), a few price changes and a few design changes. But the latest news is that you can pamper your pooch in an $11,000.00 22.5kt gilded version.

Gold Plated Dog Crate

The ieCrate:

The beautifully designed modern crate is ordinarily available in black, white or silver finishes and is available with accessories like a fitted cover, a door stay and various interior pads or beds.

The luxe 22.5kt gilded version:
Gold Plated Dog Crate

Gilded 22.5k Gold eiCrate – Designed by Peter Pracilio for designGO! Brooklyn, New York

MATERIAL: Crate in powder-coated steel wire gilded in 22.5k gold-leaf. Crate mat/liner is 100% rubber

SIZE: Total height 24.5” Total width 36”, Depth 34”, Door Height 14.5”
* Breaks down into two halves for shipping/storing

PRICE: $11,000. 00USD (plus tax and shipping)

The traditional finishes, shown below, cost a more affordable $220.00 each.

The black version:

The white version:

The silver version:

To purchase eiCrates visit GO!PETDESIGN’s etsy store here