Suspended Glass Display Bowls From Mono Can Hold Live Fish or Fruit.

Suspended glass display bowls are nestled in a stainless steel shelf. The Mono Pendants are available in Duo, Trio or Quartet and offer a unique way to display living things, be them goldfish or succulents. They are made in Germany of stainless steel and glass and come in three variations.

Mono Suspended Glass Display Bowls

mono suspended glass display bowls
stainless steel hanging cords and shelf with glass bowl insert

Fill the glass display bowls with colorful stones, colored water, sweets, floating candles, succulents, beta fish or small plants. Or use the glass containers to store of fruit, vegetables or herbs in the kitchen.

The hanging Mono pendants are available in the “trio” with 3 glass inserts (64 centimeters wide), the “duo” with 2 glass inserts (40 centimeters), as or the “quartet” with 4 glass inserts (99 centimeters).

home accessories by mono

MONO suspended glass bowls

steel cable suspended glass shelf

Suspended Glass Display Bowls

Designed by Mono of Germany and available either directly from them here or you can purchase them here at Connox