The Submerged Series is Affordable, Fun and Unique Wall Art

submerged series affordable art prints

The Submerged series of eight different images is a collaborative art project between Young & Battaglia, the founders of Mineheart, and Bangkok-based graphic designer, artist and actor Kirin Young. Each is available as a nicely framed stretched canvas art print and holds both appeal and curiosity.

Fun Wall Art

submerged series wall art prints

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Each of the eight artworks in the Submerged series of wall art was inspired by color field artists such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. These feature classical and baroque portraits submerged visually in a complimentary color taken from the original painting. The subjects, unaffected by the level of paint about to swallow them up, exude a sense of calm and aloofness. And you feel as though their eyes follow you…and who doesn’t like that?

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These are whimsical without being silly. Tongue in cheek, they still retain an appealing aesthetic. Set in a simple white wooden box frame, each measures 33.03″ x 27″ x .74″ (83.9cm x 68.6cm x 1.9cm).

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Because these are digitally printed as opposed to being painted on canvas, they are affordable when compared to original art at approximately $373 USD each.

The series is described by Mineheart, for whom these were made, as follows:
“Peaceful pastel colours inspired by the original painting they obscure. Submerged in the paint that painted them. A familiar new proverb “Can’t see the painting for the paint” maybe a visual metaphor to the realities of one’s life? Would you be so calm? These artworks are printed on stretched canvas and mounted as standard in a white wooden box frame. Bespoke sizes and framing service is also available on request.

These classical characters are submerged in one of the paint colours that painted them. Calm pastel colours and blissfully calm faces that appear undisturbed by the rising paint levels… or are they emerging from a milky pampering? Visually inspired by the ‘colour field’ paintings of the 1950s and 1960s by artists including Mark Rithko and Barnett Newman, these whimsical works feature large area of a single, carefully chosen colour, but with the twist of a not so abstract or expressive composition.”

Price for each: $372.48 (subject to change)

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