Stunning Steampunk Sculptures by Devin Smith.

DEVIN SMITH Steampunk Sculptures if it hip its here

Devin Smith describes himself as someone who grew up idolizing Indiana Jones and wishing to be one of the Goonies. Enthralled with all of the visual elements of adventure films, he coveted the cool guns and gadgets of the characters he admired. Growing up without a workshop comprised of high-end machinery and various electrical equipment, he learned to improvise.

Devin Smith Steampunk Sculptures

With his End Of Line Designs, Devin, who wishes to keep both his age and location a secret, designs and builds Steampunk sculptures. Props like guns, goggles and arm bracers along with Steampunk versions of game controllers and gadgets are his specialty. Each has the requisite rusty metal look complete with bells and whistles, lit buttons and working parts.

Steampunk Goggles Devin Smith IIHIH Steampunk Goggles detail Devin Smith IIHIH

Nintendo Gameboy:
Steampunk Game Boy Controller devin Smith IIHIH

Steampunk Reinforcer gun devin smith IIHIHSteampunk Reinforcer gun2 devin smith IIHIHSteampunk Reinforcer gun3 devin smith IIHIH

Steampunk Bracer for arm devin smith IIHIH

Steampunk Ringer gun Devin Smith IIHIHSteampunk Ringer gun2 Devin Smith IIHIH

360X Box Contoller Revisited:
Steampunk 360X Box controller Devin Smith IIHIH

His own beautiful versions of Edward’s Scissorhands:
scissorhands 1 devin smith IIHIHscissorhands 2 devin smith IIHIHscissorhands 3 devin smith IIHIHscissorhands 4 devin smith IIHIHscissorhands 5 devin smith IIHIH

To purchase any of his sculptures, or to commission a piece, he requests that you contact him via his site

Steampunk Sculptures ganged IIHIH

Devin’s Steampunk Sculptures are just a small part of his art portfolio. He draws, paints and creates digital artwork as well. You can view his portfolio here.

End Of Line Designs

all images courtesy of Devin L. Smith