Stephen Newby Full Blown Metals. Stainless Steel Inflated Furnishings and Art.

Stephen Newby Full Blown Metal

Sculptor and artist Stephen Newby began working with inflating stainless steel back in 1995. Creating home furnishings and furniture, water fountains, art installations and sculptures with his unique process, he has turned a cold hard material into something that looks organic and inviting. Like glass, blown metal has beautiful transient surface finishes. And, like soft inflatables, it also has limitless shaping and size capabilities. Blown or inflated metal combines all of this with the strength, durability and permanence of metal.

Stephen Newby Full Blown Metals

stephen newby art

The process of blowing or inflating transforms a hard industrial material into something that seems soft, organic and tactile, creating a new language in the production of three dimensional forms.

Stephen Newby Full Blown Metals

Stephen Newby Full Blown Metals

Stephen Newby Full Blown Metals

inflated metal room divider

In 1996 he founded Full Blown Metal and in 2001, patented the process of inflating metal. Their first inflated metal chair appeared in Blueprint Magazine in November 1995, and they’ve been designing and manufacturing inflated metal products for commercial and domestic interiors & architectural applications ever since.

wall mirror

full blown metal mirror

inflated metal frames

One of his products, the Squeeze radiator, created for Aestus, won the Best Product of the Year honor from the Northern Design Awards in 2012.

stephen newby radiator

squeeze radiator

aestus metal radiator

modern radiator

And in the small size:
full blown metal radiator

Designer Stephen Newby, who has a background in engineering and art, explains his Squeeze radiator …

“The process of inflating metal is curiously attuned to radiator design and shares certain similarities, which I find fascinating. For example the actual shaping of Squeeze comes from pumping high-pressure water into two sheets of metal. The appeal of designing radiators comes not only from a desire to create interesting and beautiful objects but also to create beauty with a high level of functionality so that performance is not sacrificed for looks. This design ethos is something that Aestus shares the same passion for … as well as a love of design and materials.”

radiator in situ

Stephen has also created numerous public art installations and commissioned works for restaurants, public spaces and brands such as Louis Vuitton:

stephen newby sculpture

stephen newby sculpture

vuitton inflated metal letters

stephen newby restaurant fish

stephen newby sculpture

In addition to Full Blown Metals, Stephen Newby has another site on which he sells some of his custom made to order pieces such as wall sculptures, mirrors, water fountains and other items at Luxury Design and for a selection of prototypes and one-off pieces by Stephen Newby, go here.

metal pillows by stephen newby


Some of his smaller items, such as picture frames, ashtrays and pen holders can be found here.

inflated metal ashtray

full blown metal pen holder

artist stephen newby pic
above portrait of Stephen Newby with his “pillow” wall radiator for Bisque, which, sadly, was never produced, courtesy of  in site

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