Some Of The Sharpest Sharpie Art Out There

Sharpest Sharpie Art

No, I’m not going to share with you a bunch of cute canvas Keds or even cool Converse high tops decorated with Sharpie markers. No tote bags, backpacks or notebook covers. We’ve seen hundreds of those already. Nope, instead I’m going to point out some less obvious ways various talented people have used Sharpie markers and pens that are both innovative and impressive.

Sharpest Sharpie Art

Sharpest Sharpie Art
above and at top: Sharpie art by Cheeming Boey

Sharpie for prototypes

Multi-talented Ruby Heubner (artist, graphic designer, photographer and web developer) who has created a line of clothing (Rudyland) is currently developing a line of great-looking surfboards. They ultimately won’t be produced with Sharpie markers, but she began by sketching on surfboards with a Sharpie:

The surfboards that are currently in development will ultimately be digitally printed and laminated, prototypes are shown below.

visit Rudyland here.

Artist and illustrator Eric Ellis created an entire typeface / font using colored sharpie markers to render the design.

You can buy the final font here.

Sharpie as Couture.
Now, for you fashionistas who want to save a buck or $800, here are some brilliant examples of people who have created DIY versions of some very pricey designer items. Great idea!

The Chanel Sharpie Tee:

Fashionista showed us how to save about $800 with their own DIY Jessica Cushman-like Word bangles

Sharpie as Make-Up.
Model/Mogul Tyra Banks, in her appearance on Gossip Girl as actress Ursula Nyquist, had a Sharpie used to create her Josephine Baker character eyebrows and forehead art.

And Taylor Swift says she reaches for a Sharpie when she can’t find her eyeliner:

Sharpie Ad Pitch
The following comps were created by talented artist and illustrator Chad Kouri for an ad agency (I can’t divulge the name, sorry) when they pitched the Sharpie account. Unfortunately, they did not win it, but here’s some of the fun Sharpie work created for the pitch by Chad:

Sharpie as Decoration
Artist Peter Bragino uses many types of media for much of his fine art which ranges greatly. But, amongst the paints and pens, he uses Sharpie markers to decorate guitars, banjos and even himself, as you can see from the images below.

See his site here.

And just some of the phenomenal Sharpie drawn cups by artist Cheeming Boey. (I could write an entire post on these alone)

Cheeming Boey sells his amazing Sharpie decorated styrofoam cups here.

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