Solid Mahogany Hull & Rolls Royce Water Jets – The Hedonist Yacht by Art of Kinetik.


The Hedonist yacht embodies the very soul of Art of Kinetik. Blending enviable levels of comfort and refinement with daring looks and peerless performance, this 63 foot yacht epitomizes the genre.

Hedonist Yacht by Art of Kinetik

art of kinetik yacht

Its solid mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets combine to deliver a steathily smooth ride even at speeds up to 40 knots. Aesthetics define every detail: no screws or plastic are visible anywhere. Hedonist is the purest expression of art and technology imaginable.

rolls royce jet powered yacht

yacht design

Yacht Interior:
yacht interior design

yacht design

The ride quality is as smooth as it is sure. The combination of the all mahogany hull and the Rolls Royce water jets deliver effortless power and thrust with virtually no vibrations and minimal noise.

Premium-grade African mahogany, Burmese teak and American dark walnut are hydrothermically treated in Germany to enhance their durability and lifespan.

Art of Kinetik’s team of master carpenters then combine CNC machining with classic hand-tooled techniques to craft every single component of their yachts, from the muscular structure to the exquisite veneer, even the bespoke steering wheel.

They select only the finest quality leathers and marine-grade materials to upholster their sumptuous interiors and lavish outdoor areas. Not a single imperfection, scuff or blemish is tolerated. Only immaculate surfaces, supple to the touch, accented with flawless leather stitching.

There is still no finer way to achieve a perfectly smooth finish on wood than sanding, by hand. Although Hedonist means “the pursuit of pleasure” the yacht took over 12,000 man hours to sand.

The Art of Kinetik craftsmen know this creates the ideal base for 18 layers of varnish, polished to a high-gloss sheen only seen on the finest pieces of furniture.

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