SKYY ELECTRIFYY – New Limited Edition Bottle That Keeps To The Beat.

skyy electrifyy limited edition bottle

SKYY Vodka has partnered with Mode Design Group once again to bring more fresh thinking to their brand through the uniquely designed SKYY ELECTRIFYY limited edition bottle; A first-of-its-kind bottle design which features a graphic LED label that moves to the beat of the music.

SKYY ELECTRIFYY Limited Edition Bottle

SKYY ELECTRIFYY Limited Edition Bottle

Integrated into the new soft-touch label are dozens of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). A special color coordinated base on the bottle houses the batteries, sound sensors and power switch. When turned on, the LED lights constantly illuminate the SKYY logo. The other LEDs are arranged in the shape of equalizer bars and are sound-sensitive. They don’t just flash randomly, but actually flash to the beat of the music as you can see in the video below.

SKYY ELECTRIFYY (Note: some liquor stores list it as SKYY ELECTRIFY with only one “y”) is be available at various liquor stores throughout the season.

SKYY Vodka

Mode Design Group was also responsible for the fabulous Flocked Holiday Edition Bottle for SKYY Vodka and amFar I posted about here.