Silverball: Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines As Furniture And Home Decor

Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines

Furniture maker Michael Maxwell of Virginia is the man behind Silverball, a company which re-purposes vintage pinball machines as coffee tables, side tables, bars, consoles, wall mirrors and more.

Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines

Re-Purposed Vintage Pinball Machines

Using the back glasses and playing fields from old pinball machines, and combining them with his woodworking and crafting skills, he creates one of a kind collectibles.

Michael Thomas Maxwell of Silverball and the M.T. Maxwell Furniture Company
Michael Thomas Maxwell of Silverball and the M.T. Maxwell Furniture Company

upcycled pinball machines

His website does not do the products justice. Poor design and tiny pictures, some of which are blurry make it hard to see the work and finished products – but I will do my best because they are really cool.

Coffee Tables:
His unique Pinball Coffee Tables typically measure 22″W x 44″L x 16″H and can be framed in cherry, walnut, oak or maple. Maple and oak can be dyed to match playfield colors, if desired. Legs are stainless steel. The playfields are restored to original condition before they become one of our tables. Glass is typically not included to avoid breakage in shipping. Everything flat packs in a box.

pinball machine coffee tables

repurposed pinball machines

Bar Cabinets:
The Backglasses are used for Bar Cabinets, made from the vintage head and backglass. Each includes a drawer that opens and closes, and rings a bell. They measure 60″H x 20″D x 28″W and come with stainless legs. These must be crated for shipping.

custom bar cabinets

repurposed wood furniture

pinball machine furniture

maxwell silverball

End Table:
michael maxwell furniture

Superman Bar Cart:
custom bar cart

Wall Mounted Martini Bar Cabinet:
upcycled arcade games

Churchill Downs Console Table:
console table made from old pinball machine

maxwell silverball furniture

After a decade of designing and hand-crafting award-winning furniture in New York, Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Michael has come full circle by returning, together with a skilled team of artists and craftsmen, to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Coney Island Mirror:
coney island mirro

Wall Mirrors:
pinball machine home decor

unique wall mirrors

In the tradition of his great, great grandfather, Michael Thomas Maxwell also founded M.T. Maxwell Furniture Company, in Bedford, Virginia. The company was formed with a commitment to creating high-quality, affordable furniture that will endure for generations.

Silverball also sells vintage pinball machine parts as well as custom furniture.

Pinball Martini Bar, Coney Island Mirror and Churchill Downs Console are all available through Custom Made

images courtesy of silverball, additional images courtesy of Pinball Clicks and custom made