Gorgeous Shanghai Disney Recruitment Posters

Disney Shanghai Recruitment Posters

Last week I shared with you all the cool stuff at the latest Disney Park, Shanghai Disneyland. If you’ll forgive me for going backwards in time, I’d like to show you the beautiful Chinese paper cut-style recruitment posters created to attract employees for the park and designed by Yiying Lu.

Shanghai Disney Recruitment Posters:

These beautiful recruitment posters for the newest Disney theme park by were designed by Yiying Lu, who worked directly with the Disney Team in Shanghai China.


To make it authentically Disney and uniquely Chinese, Yiying Lu created the artworks featuring 5 legendary characters from Disney – the Mickey Mouse, Simba from Lion King, Hua Mulan from Mulan, Elsa from Frozen, and Snow White & the 7 dwarfs from Snow White, in the traditional Chinese paper cut style:

Here’s a look at the posters in situ:

I have blogged about some of Yiying’s work before. You can learn about her QR Code project, Beautiful Traps, here

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