Sculptural Speakers Bring Music Through Modern Art.

Sculptural Speakers from Transparent hero

Hand sculpted by founder Per Brickstad, these new sculptural speakers from Transparent look like modern sculptures but deliver the high quality sound we’ve come to expect from the folks behind the brand.

Sculptural Speakers from Transparent

modern speakersacoustic sculptures

These new sculptural speakers from Transparent were inspired by the human ear. Big fans of their transparent speakers, we didn’t see this one coming given it’s so different aesthetically than the brand’s previous products.

transparent sculptural speaker in black

The acoustic sculpture shape maximizes the soundwaves path from the two 3″ full range drivers while also enhancing the stereo separation between them. With the sculpture you get crisp and punchy timbre (tone color) and output power of 2x15W.

Head of Design and cofounder Per Brickstad
Head of Design and cofounder Per Brickstad hand sculpted the speaker design

The amorphic speakers are made to order. Available in white or black, they are 3d casted and sprayed in jesmonite, a mineral acrylic composite, then sprayed with a second layer to create its unique organic texture.

The speakers were also a recipient of the prestigious Wallpaper Magazine 2021 Design Awards.

Available with Wireless: Bluetooth and “True Wireless” dual speaker streaming.

Dimensions (mm): 440x290x240
Weight: 7 kg
Price: $3500 USD

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all images courtesy of Transparent