Scribblitti: Narrative Murals Drawn by Artist Hu-Be

scribblitti narrative murals

Italian illustrator Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz, aka Hu-Be, has been freehand drawing narrative murals in a project he calls Scribblitti. The ephemeral, itinerant, time-based performance combines human interaction with illustration and consists of a maximum of ten oversized artworks realized in the time span of a single month within a specific city.

The project naturally creates a circuit along which, on a day agreed by all the participants, the spaces are open for a unique opportunity for the public or friends to visit the whole cluster of murals by traveling through the different boroughs of the city. This ends the performance, but not the friendships Hu-Be has made during the process.

Artist Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz, aka Hu-Be

Hu-Be’s Scribblitti can be found on walls, ceilings, floors and canvases in various venues such as hotels and restaurants (as well as private residences) in Italy, France and Germany.

Scribblitti Narrative Murals

For each Scribblitti, Hu-Be first meets with the candidates for breakfast in their house or space, interviewing them about their lives and memories while taking meticulous notes. The dialogue is ignited by coffee while they narrate of their childhoods, tell stories of lost objects or of recent events. Everything is relevant. The landscape described by the patrons becomes the draft of each site-specific Scribblitti.

Scribblitti’s renderings of the figures, animals and other subjects are done with monochromatic line art – or as what is often referred to as doodles – but these are no ordinary doodles. Just take a look at these.

Scribblitti In Turin:

Scribblitti Narrative Murals

wall murals

Vulnerability Hiding In Plain Sight:
This monumental wall has been made with the collaboration of the Institut Français de Lettonie and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, for the Sculpture Quadriennal of Riga 2016 along four days during the capital city’s White Night, the
Baltā Nakts.

Scribblitti Narrative Murals

Scribblitti Narrative Murals

hu-be mural

Flood Boy,Orchaise Botanic Park,Valencisse:

Scribblitti Narrative Murals

At The Lovelace Hotel in Germany:
lovelace hotel mural

lovelace hotel germany

Scribblitti art

Sailing To Mangrove:
sailing to mangrove mural

I am, I was, I will be, the guardian of this land, Moulin d’Arrivay:
illustrated murals


Two Things We Remember:
two things we remember mural

Fake News Are God’s Will, Brussels:
Acrylic on canvas 6.40x2m. Live free-hand Scribblitti performance in Bruxelles:
Live free-hand Scribblitti performance


Lust for Life:
lust for life wall mural

Vanitas Yonder:
vanitas yonder

Choral memories of An Earthquake, Gibellina:
In collaboration with AM3 Studio and Mario Cucinella, curator of Arcipelago Italia, the Italian Pavillion of the 2018 Architecture’s Biennale di Venezia.
Choral memories of An Earthquake mural

Choral memories of An Earthquake

Choral memories of An Earthquake scribblitti

The Tinned Locust Procession, Castelbuono Caput Mundi:
The Tinned Locust Procession mural

It’s hard to see his large murals here because when reduced, you lose so much detail, so be sure to see lots more images, nice and large, at Hu-Be’s Scribblitti website here.