Scrabble Typography, The 2nd Edition by Andrew Capener, Spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition

I first wrote about Andrew Capener’s original Scrabble Typography Edition back in April of 2012.

Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition

Only 200 sets of his original design (shown below) were made and quickly sold out to typophiles and scrabble enthusiasts.

scrabble typography edition 1
above: The first Scrabble Typography edition had different fonts, tiles, game board and packaging

Since then, the designer has been busy refining and redesigning the game board, pieces and packaging. This beautiful and improved second edition has been produced in a limited series of 2,000 but again, is selling out quickly.

The signed and numbered limited edition set designed by Andrew Capener combines the beauty of typography with classic Scrabble gameplay PLUS premium features, making this the most fun, beautiful, and functional Scrabble set ever.

The Typography aspect is highlighted by 15 fonts never used before on any Scrabble set. These fonts look truly marvelous juxtaposed against the beautiful maple wood of the Scrabble tiles. These tiles look just as amazing against the walnut Scrabble gameplay surface.

Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition

There are numerous deluxe components included with this set beginning with the built-in lazy susan and the non-slip surface on the back of each tile. This enables each player to rotate the set with each turn.

Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition

Lift off the beautiful walnut cover to reveal a maple base with cork lining and compartments to store all of the deluxe components.

  • Walnut Cover featuring Scrabble Typography Gameplay Surface
  • Maple Base w/ Cork-lined Interior for Game Component Storage
  • Built-in Lazy Susan
  • Fabric Scrabble Tile Pouch with Drawstring
  • Timer with Solid Walnut End Caps
  • (100) Solid Maple Tiles + 15 new Typefaces and non-slip backing
  • (4) Solid Walnut Tile Racks
  • Stitched Scorekeeper with Pencil
  • Stitched Rule Book
  • Signed and Numbered Certificate

This edition features Bauhaus inspired game components including solid walnut tile racks and solid walnut timer end caps. This set also includes a gorgeous fabric tile pouch with drawstring and a stitched “scorekeeper” with pencil to allow you to record some truly beautiful memories.

$199,  buy it here
UPDATE: It has since sold out and is no longer available

Andrew Clifford Capener is a designer and entrepreneur. His work has been featured in GQ, DETAILS, New York Magazine, TIME and in many other major publications throughout the world. He was named to the “Global Hot 100” by the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2013. He lives and works in Southern California where he is passionately honing his design craft.