Savoir and The National Gallery Bring Art to Bed

savoir and national gallery collab

Savoir Beds teamed up with the National Gallery to bring you a dreamy collaboration that wraps the headboard and the base of the tailor made luxurious beds in specially printed reproductions of some of the world’s finest paintings from London’s National Gallery.

Savoir Beds and The National Gallery

custom savoir beds

In an exclusive collaboration, Savoir Beds and The National Gallery have joined forces to deliver an inspiring approach that takes art in interiors to another level. Pick a painting, any painting from over 2300 pieces of mid-13th century to 1900s art housed in The National Gallery of London, and Savoir Beds will upholster one of their luxurious models with that very piece of art.

Savoir Beds and The National Gallery

Savoir will work closely with their design and upholstery specialists to incorporate and customize any National Gallery owned painting into the headboard and base of the bed.

Once commissioned, the design is specially printed in the UK, by Andrew Martin (who also prints custom wall coverings with paintings from the National Gallery) , using the latest technology on a selection of three fabrics – lustrous velvet, textured linen viscose and versatile cotton.

Patrick, one of Savoir’s skilled upholsterers, begins working on the Savoir headboard featuring Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora’s ‘The Combat of Love and Chastity’ from The National Gallery.

Finished with a bespoke plaque detailing the portrait and artist, every commission will be personally approved by The National Gallery to guarantee the design preserves the essence and integrity of one of the greatest art institutes in the world. The fine art of sleeping beautifully.

The making of the Jan van de Cappelle bed in Savoir’s Bedworks in London. Here, Pat applies the nail detailing to the headboard. Once complete, he will sign his name, like an artist signs his work.

Harlech – Savoir No 2 Slim Base
with Claude Monet, 1840–1926, Water-Lilies, Setting Sun (detail), about 1907, © The National Gallery, London:
Harlech – Savoir No 2 Slim Base with Claude Monet

Felix – Savoir No 4
with Jan van de Cappelle, 1626–1679, A Shipping Scene with a Dutch Yacht firing a Salute (detail), 1650, © The National Gallery, London:

Felix – Savoir No 4
with Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora, 1444/5–1497, The Combat of Love and Chastity (detail), probably 1475-1500, © The National Gallery, London:

FELIX – Savoir No 3
The fine Belgian linen is printed with a mural of ‘The Procession of Bacchus’, which was designed by the well-known artists of the day, Jan Van Orley (1665-1735) and Augustin Coppens (1668-1740), from a series of four tapestries called ‘The Triumph of the Gods’:

Harlech – Savoir No 4
with Jan van Huysum 1682–1749, Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase (detail), 1702-20, ©The National Gallery, London:

Other examples of custom Savoir Beds embellished with artwork from The National Gallery of London:

The FELIX bed features Claude Monet’s, The Thames below Westminster, painted in 1871 from Suite 641 and 642 at the Savoy Hotel:

Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba was selected by Felix Zorzo, Picture Researcher for the @National_gallery, to embrace the HARLECH design, to create his perfect Savoir bed:

“Falling asleep on a Savoir with Degas ballet dancers sashaying across my dreams is pure perfection.” says Nicole of Nicole Fuller Interiors who selected Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas’s, Ballet Dancers, 1890-1900, to grace the HARLECH design with the added detail of beautiful nailing:

Interior Designer Teo Yang brings his fresh approach to the concept featuring Jan van Kessel the Elder’s, Butterflies, Moths and Insects, on his Moon design:

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all images courtesy of Savoir Beds and their Instagram feed.