Ribbonesia Animal Bows. Now, That’s a Bow Worth Keeping!

Ribbonesia animal bows

Ribbonesia is an art project by artist ‘BAKU’ Maeda. Turning ordinary ribbons into art, animals and animal heads since 2008, the sculptural bows are a beautiful example of talented artistry and handiwork.

Santa and Christmas objects by Ribbonesia
Santa and Christmas objects by Ribbonesia

Ribbonesia Animal Bows

Ribbonesia animal bows

ribbonesia animal bows

Ribbonesia Animal Bows

Ribbonesia Animal Bows are shaped like bears, panda bears, foxes, lions, horses, frogs, seals, birds, dogs and more. They also sell wearable bows and have created a board book of their creations.

bird shaped ribbon

fancy bow

blue bird bow

fox shaped bow Ribbonesia Animal Bows

reindeer bow

pink fox bow Ribbonesia Animal Bows

seal balancing ball bow Ribbonesia

Pony bow Ribbonesia Animal Bows

bear shaped bow

Bulldog shaped bow

blue dog bow

panda bear bow Ribbonesia Animal Bows

I bet none of your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts have bows this pretty.

gorgeous gift wrap bows

Ribbonesia animal bows

Their latest range of wearable bows; Fox, Cat, Lion and Dog shown below, can be purchased:

black cat bow

lion bow pin

buy the wearable bows here.

Ribbonesia book1

ribbonesia book2

Ribbonesia animal bows

ribbonesia animal bows

The talented folks behind Ribbonesia:
The talented folks behind Ribbonesia:Ribbonesia animal bows

Artist : Baku Maeda /
Creative Director :Toru Yoshikawa /
Art Director : Ryo Ueda /  [Commune]
Web Designer : Fumiaki Hmagami / [imaginarystroke]
Photographer : Kei Furuse /
Printing Director: Manami Sato / Atsuhiro Kondo

Baku Maeda