New Crushed Porcelain Cups, Tumblers, Containers and Champagne Buckets from Revol of France.

Revol Froissés Crumpled Porcelain Collection

French porcelain culinary cookware brand Revol’s Froissés Collection is a collection of wrinkled or crumpled porcelain espresso cups, coffee cups, water goblets, utensil holders, vases, champagne buckets and cookware that come in various shiny, matte and colored glazes.

Revol Froissés Crumpled Porcelain Collection

Initially produced in solid colors and only in one size, they have now added several sizes and patterns and colors to the line for 2013. The Froissés Collection now consists of 22 colors and shades as well as special patterns, such as flags, plaids, dots and more. In addition to these, they have a line of crumpled dishes as well.

Each Revol tumbler is manually turned out, trimmed, polished and glazed before firing… and all of this is thanks to the expert hands of our workers. Made of culinary porcelain, which guarantees extreme mechanical and thermal resistance, all of the collection is oven-, microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe. So they are perfect for everything from hot coffee to ice cream or champagne to flowers.

From the 5CL (1.75 oz) Ristretto tumbler all the way to the 3L (3.25 qt) champagne bucket, and including the must have espresso and cappuccino tumblers, you are sure to find a tumbler to fulfill your needs.

Photos courtesy of Revol and © Philippe Barret

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