Furniture Made with Old Jeans and T-Shirts! The Rememberme Collection.

Rememberme Collection

Designer Tobias Juretzek of Studio Nito has found a way to make a chair, a bistro table and a coffee table with discarded jeans and t-shirts. His Rememberme Collection of furniture represents products that offer new life to old garments that are unconsciously, but deeply, carriers of memories.

The Rememberme Collection

The Rememberme Collection

The future and the desire to keep the past alive coexist in the Rememberme Collection designed for Italy’s HORM/Casamania. A collection of products that upcycles worn clothes and turns them into a chair, a bistro table and a coffee table by mixing jeans and cotton t-shirts with a special resin.

rememberme table and chairs

upcycled furniture

What often intends to be forgotten in wardrobes and boxes now is brought to light again. Worn-out clothes, still kept for emotional reasons, here draw a characteristic marking on the chairs. Like a kind of message in a bottle, the furniture contains memories and a sense for stories revives in us. The chairs create a conceptual frame, lead the message to a new expression and present themselves in a particular way, giving another perspective to things in general. – Tobias Juretzek

The Rememberme Collection
A special resin hardens the cotton garments, freezing them into shape.
The Rememberme Collection
Glass tops are optional

Particular attention was paid to the linking of objects with emotional value to products in an industrial context. Supplied clothes from customers or discarded clothes provided by recycling companies are used as materials to produce the furniture.

Rememberme Chairs
The Rememberme Collection

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Rememberme Coffee Table
rememberme coffee table

furniture made from discarded clothing

coffee table made of clothing
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Rememberme Bistro Table

bistro table

The Rememberme Collection

rememberme table
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