Princess Leia Hair Headphone Covers, Headbands, Hats and Wigs.

“Yes, these are the Princess Leia items you’ve been looking for.”

I love that Star Wars continues to inspire unique items and designs 35 years since its initial release. One of the most fun items recently brought to my attention by my friend Brad are these Galactic Princess Headphone Covers styled with faux hair and available in brunette, (blonde and ginger made to order), crafted by Jacquie Coe (aka Jacquie Longlegs).

Each purchase comes with two 6-inch in diameter buns with mesh backing, ready to glue permanently or attach temporarily to your own headphones (instructions come in package).
$24, buy them here

above: Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars, 1977

Other fun items that replicate the cinnamon bun hairdo sported by Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the 1977 release of Star wars and available for purchase are headbands, hats, patterns for hats and wigs.

Princess Leia Synthetic Hair Headband:

Made with synthetic hair and plastic, you can purchase the Rubies’ headband (initially priced at $81 and now on sale for $11.69) at the link below
Star Wars-Princess Leia Headband

The Deluxe Princess Leia Wig is made of synthetic hair and has a lined interior for comfort.

$16.99, buy it here

There are many talented individuals (and some not so talented) selling knit and crocheted hats emulating the legendary hairdo on etsy. Below are just a few:

Princess Leia Knit Headband by Lily & Keating.

buy it here

Crocheted Princess Leia Bun Hat in super soft non-itchy acrylic, made to order in any size from newborn to adult.

Made by Darcy Thomas, buy/order it here

Children’s Princess Leia Headpiece/Hat
For the wee ones there’s this cozy fleece version of the Princess Leia hairdo by Maycouture:

The Princess Leia Fleece Headpiece shown above comes in children’s sizes S,M,L and XL.
Buy it here

Princess Leia Hat Pattern
For those do-it-yourselfers, you can buy a pattern by Ansley Bleu to knit the princess Leia hat shown below:

Buy it here

Shop Princess Leia Costumes, hats and more here