PNOĒS Tinos are Three New Gorgeous Vacation Villas on The Greek Island of Tinos

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Three new exclusive villas on the Greek island of Tinos designed by Aristides Dallas Architects have recently opened. Sophisticated, modern and inviting, the inspiration behind their design was to connect them with the elements. This is the core principle of PNOĒS Tinos and of its architecture.

PNOĒS Tinos Vacation Villas

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Tinos is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea located in the Cyclades archipelago and is the first destination on the island from Design Hotels.

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PNOĒS Tinos was designed as a clustered, terraced trio of villas aimed at relaxation and regeneration. Each has its own private pool and garden. The architectural concept was to physically manifest the elements that define the island; earth, wind and water.

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Earthy and textural palettes turn the private rooms into wonderful cocoons for relaxation and calmness. The lightness and airiness of the living spaces connects to to the strong blues of the Aegean Seas.

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The following text is provided by the architect:
PNOĒS Tinos Vacation Villas embody the spirit of the place in its architecture and hospitality philosophy; a physical manifestation of the elements that define the island.

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pnoes tinos villa

Earth, wind and water shape the composition and materiality and enrich the experience of living.

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Earth expressed like cave habitats are conceptually carved out of the rock, defining the experience of utmost protection and intimacy. The submerged bedroom spaces remain hidden and unexposed, as they subtly frame the scenery from the inside out, fostering an atmosphere of shade, privacy and introspection, warmed by earthy colours and tactile textures.

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Wind symbolised by three white-washed cubic shapes gently placed above of the earth, belong to the wind. As they float, protecting the most intimate spaces, the airy white cubes open up to the uncompromising landscape, in a play of voids and mass that lets wind travel through and redefines aesthetic perception.

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Interpreting the cycladic spirit, they are “the play of pure volumes under the sun”, an endless light and shadow contrast, a reference to the tradition of the medieval settlements on the island.

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Water surrounds the villas, creates a reflection and and softens the materiality of the forms. It sublimates the objects and their colours, it provides serenity and introspection, it purifies and regenerates.

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Particular care has be given to all amenities within the Villas. From the organic cotton linen, to the complimentary breakfast basket with local products, to the natural and luscious toiletries. Luxurious mattresses of natural fibres are guaranteed to offer the most restoring sleep.

The hospitality at PNOĒS goes hand in hand with a deep ecological awareness, and a love for the environment.

They use energy saving appliances and lights, purify waste water for irrigation purposes, minimize all form of waste and use ecological household and cleaning products. Additionally, their parking offers charging points for electric vehicles.

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LOCATION: Tinos, Greece
YEAR: 2022
TYPE: Hospitality
STATUS: Completed
ARCHITECT: Aristides Dallas Architects
DESIGN TEAM: Aristides Dallas, Katerina Bali, Rafail Sergios, Ioanna Gargalietou, Vasilis Kekeris, Georgia Salta, Haritina Trikka, Elina Parcharidou, Theodora Bobori
DETAILED DESIGN TEAM: Ioanna Gargalietou, Theodora Bobori, Mario Genovesi, Katerina Striki, Gina Danochristou
INTERIOR DESIGN: Theodora Bobori, Haritina Trikka
E/M ENGINEERING: Antonis Apergis
LIGHTING STUDY:CPLD  Lighting Design Christos Papachristos
LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Richard Gerritsen
PHOTOS: Panagiotis Voumvakis, Kirill Samarits

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Lagkades, Agios Fokas
Tinos, 84200
Cyclades, Greece
[email protected]

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images courtesy of Design Hotels, PNOĒS Tinos and Aristides Dallas