Plywood Bikes, Handlebars and Racks by Dots Design Studio of Thailand.

plywood bikes, handlebars and racks

The Dots Design Studio of Thailand continues to perfect their wood bikes and accessories. The PLYbike design is now a third version of the plywood street bike with a Brooks seat. They are also offering two styles of wood bicycle handlebars and a nicely designed wooden wall-mounted bike rack.

Wood Bikes and Accessories

The latest version of their PLYbike, Version 3:


wood bicycles

thailand wooden bikes

Dots Design Thailand

Bike plans:

Their Wood Handlebars are offered in both a Vintage Style and a Bullhorn style:
wood handlebars for bikes

Wood Bull Horn Style Handlebars:
wood bull horn handlebars

Wood Vintage Style Handlebars:
Vintage Style Handlebars

wood handlebars

Dots wood handlebars

Wooden Wall Mount Bike Rack:
Wooden Wall Mount Bike Rack

Wooden Wall Mount Bike Rack

Earlier versions of their PLYbike allow you to see the design evolution.

PLYbike, Version 2:
PLYbike, Version 2:

DOignTS Des PLYbike

brooks saddle wooden bike

wood bicycle design

PLYbike, Version 1:
plybike version 1

Dots design studio is a full service product design, and combines the knowledge from marketing perspective and design perspective.

The Design studio is comprised of a team of designers, communication designer, interior and strategist, which can have a broader view in any project. Their design approach is mainly focused on experimental process of various materials, such as metal, wood, etc.

They are enthusiastic in pushing materials beyond their limitation both conceptually and functionally in order to achieve their aspiration of creating new design dialect.

Dots Design Studio

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Bangkok, Thailand 10400