Keep Killing Plants? Pikaplant Products Can Help.


A plant-rich environment is said to be good for you. It removes trace toxins from the air, helps regulate humidity and is actually said to reduce stress. Of course, if you like plants but have a black thumb, you are stressing. That’s where Pikaplant comes in. The Amsterdam based company is here to help with their Jars, Vertical Garden and Tableau.

Pikaplant Products For Plant Killers

plants for people who kill them

Pikaplant’s three products mimic nature to water your plants. Their Jars are plants you never need to water, their award-winning Vertical Garden, One, utilizes a zero-electricity ebb-and-flow irrigation system and their Tableau is an automatic house plant watering system.

All three products are nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing in addition to requiring minimal care.

Pikaplant Jar
pika plant terrarium

Pikaplant Jars are plants you never need to water. Each hand-picked specimen is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope, and continuously recycles the water and air inside.

pikaplant jars

The resilience and adaptivity of these plants are such that they can flourish without water for up twelve months.

Their Coffea arabica (the Jar plant featured on their site) is indigenous to the misty mountains of Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. The cultivars are bred in The Netherlands.

Dimensions (cm) : d18 x 28

Pikaplant Tableau

The Pikaplant Tableau waters herbs and house plants with a wet-dry cycle that uses zero electricity. It’s a self-watering planter that’s unlike any other. The ebb-and-flow technology mimics one of the key water cycles found in nature: ground water. Rather than slow-releasing water from the reservoir, Tableau provides water in a wet-dry cycle for strong roots and healthy plants. By watering your plants from below, your plants decide how much to drink. The reservoir contains enough to water three plants for around a month. Once your plants have absorbed all of the water in the base, it stays dry for a few days before refilling with water.

The Tableau was recently funded on Kickstarter, and a staff pick. Available in Black, White or Intuition Blue, the tableau consists of a steel base, ceramic pots and a glass reservoir.

With the Tableau you can easily grow herbs or plants at home or in the office.

It’s currently in the final stages of development with the estimated delivery date of the limited first production batch in December 2016. Choose between Black, White or Intuition Blue colorways.

Pikaplant One

Pikaplant One is a vertical garden with a passive ebb-and-flow irrigation system. It mimics the natural wet-dry cycle of ground water, letting your plants determine how much water they need. No electricity needed. Pick your favourite plants, enjoy, and renew whenever you want.

Now it’s easier for you to grow herbs, crops, and beautiful plants anywhere.

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