Okawa Artisan Furniture for Cats

Okawa Artisan Cat Furniture

The Cat Furniture from Okawa is high-quality, nicely designed wood and upholstered furniture for felines made by various artisans in Japan. With painstakingly-perfect scaled down proportions, their sofas, benches and beds for cats come in various styles, all of them as nicely made as their human-sized inspirations.

Okawa Artisan Cat Furniture

matching human and cat furniture

Each of these pieces of cat furniture is made by a different furniture maker in Okawa, a city with a 470-year history of furniture making. These artisans are not only makers of furniture but also designers, salespersons and yes, cat lovers. With the belief that these artisans enrich people’s lives “Okawa furniture made by artisans” was established. Their line of cat furniture came later and represents the same style, craftsmanship and comfort as their human-sized furniture.

In almost every case, the manufacturer makes the same piece for humans.

Toko Bed
toko cat bed

Toko Bed keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter utilizing the characteristics of paulownia tree. The bed is designed to promote comfortable sleep with THERMOWOOL stuffed inside the floorboard made purely of paulownia which enhances the heat insulation performance and promotes the moisture buffering effect of paulownia tree, keeping the bed surface dry and pleasant to feel. Paulownia has a strong insect-repelling and moisture-proof effect, keeping mites and mold away to ensure a comfortable environment for good sleep. Since we build the bed using mortise and tenon joint design without any nails, it can last more than 100 years.

Human and cat size

Caramella A Type Bed
Size: W57×L80×H30.5(cm)
modern cat furniture

A low-type bed with an attractive, chic and unique design. Plenty of space is taken for the edge and crosspiece for effective use of space. Using wood with node for a beautiful finish. The smooth feel of natural wood carefully polished by the hands of artisan takes you into a dream world.

Raffine Bed
Size: W60 x L75 x H28 (cm)
nice ood cat beds

The bed is where we relieve the fatigue of the day. This is why we made the bed frame with gentle natural wood. The expansive grain of the natural wood presents a relaxing space. There is a space on the crosspiece of the bed to place items like glasses or books. The slotted board is made with breathable paulownia wood to prevent moisture from accumulating under the bed and to keep it clean. The refreshing aroma leads the user into a dream world.

Human and cat size


Size: W88.2 x D39.44 x H38.97 x SH16.8 (cm)
scaled-down furniture for cats

Pancone is an Italian word meaning thick board. Using thick natural board, we developed a sofa making use of the natural beauty and warmth of wood. This beautiful leather covered sofa looks solid and exhibits a sense of presence in the room. Our original “wave processing” technology is used for the armrest. It’s so smooth and beautifully finished that you want to touch it.

Human and cat size

Akatsuki Bench
custom cat furniture

Our Akatsuki sofa is designed to furnish a modern residence with Japanese flavor featuring tatami which typically represents Japanese culture. The depth of the sofa’s tatami seating face provides a generous space even for sitting cross-legged on it. The armrests are also spacious as if they are a small side table for putting a coffee cup. Their position, height, and size are designed to be gripped easily for standing up.

Human and cat size

Pisolino Sofa (one armrest)
Size: W75 x D35.3 x H32 x SH16.1 (cm)
upholstered cat couch

Pisolino is an Italian word meaning nap. There is depth to this sofa that make it perfect for sitting or lying down to relax. Users are drawn to a dream world in no time. That is why we named it Pisolino. The charming sofa with one armrest will brighten and modernize the room.

Human and cat size

The Gouge
SIZE: W80×D42×H37.5×SH18(cm)
cat sofas

Tucked and quilted soft suede fabric is upholstered to give it a soft impression on a rigid frame. This chair offers a space to relax during tea or reading time.

Human and cat size

[42%] SANTA FE Sofa 189
Size: W79.5 x D35.5 x H32 x SH16.5 (cm)
artisan cat furniture

This piece features a well-used antique finish. Making the most of wood grain and knots, each piece presents different ambience. See and feel the warmth of the wood. Canvas cloth is dyed in Hiromatsu’s original color to give it a stone-washed look with unique charm and texture.

Human and cat size

Banard 2P Sofa
Size: W70 x D41 x H35 x SH20 (cm)
japanese cat furniture

Furniture featuring beautiful shapes with soft flowing armrests. Based on the design and philosophy of Scandinavia, we make furniture that offers relaxation. This piece is designed to add resiliency to both the cushion and wooden frame, as well as comfort when sitting. Replaceable covering and parts enable long years of use. Sofas will begin to have an antique feel as the years pass.

Human and cat size

Tree Bench
cat tree bench

A design using the tree itself as motif. The idea for the design was taken from the size and shape of the tree. His thinking in creating this piece is that “I want to make furniture that is fun to use and that cannot be found anywhere else.” He uses traditional techniques called “hozo (tenon)” and “tome (stationary)” and calculates comfort in use.

Okawa Furniture Made by Artisans
The company’s brand logo expresses their mission “to enrich the lives of people with the furniture we make.” The characters 大川 (Okawa) in the center expresses a roof with the kanji 大 and river with the kanji 川, and logo is designed to form the shape of 家 (house) by combining these two kanji characters. With the brand logo as their emblem, they hope to deliver Okawa furniture to lives of as many people (and cats) as they can.

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