Nina Levy Related Forms: More Creepiness at the Salamatina Gallery [UPDATED]

Nina Levy Related Forms
Nina Levy, Boy With Eyes, 2011

We first introduced you to sculptor/photographer Nina Levy with her strange Family Portraits. Now Artist Nina Levy’s Related Forms at the Salamantina Gallery in New York is her first exhibition in New York in five years. The exhibit featured two new sculptures, a new series of photographs, and a selection of Levy’s work from the last ten years.

Nina Levy Related Forms

Nina Levy Related Forms

This has prompted me to revisit the artist’s work and share some new images from her that are a continuing part of the series about which I wrote here a few years back.

nina levy family portraits
Nina Levy, Boy With Fist, 2011

Artist Nina Levy has been living and working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1996. A prolific photographer and sculptor, her work has been widely exhibited across the United States, including the National Portrait Gallery.

“I work with bodies and body parts in representational sculpture. I hope that by manipulating the scale, placement, and context of these figurative elements, I can explore both individual psychology and social context. I am interested in creating sculptures that can be aesthetically pleasing and playful while they are simultaneously slightly uncomfortable objects.” – Nina Levy

Like her ‘Family Resemblance’ series, Nina’s photographs from Related Forms document herself, her two sons and others interacting with a series of sculptured props and prostheses. Theses most recent images focus on the problematic aspects of family life and the parenting of small children.

NV Related forms 4
NV Related forms 1
nina levy sculptures
Nina Levy artworks
Nina Levy Related Forms
NV Related forms 6

Nina Levy

Manhasset, NY 11030