Improve Your Home Design a Few Degrees with these New Radiators

new home radiator designs 2023

With most of the country freezing cold in the thick of Winter, we must share with you the newest home radiator designs we found. Since we last brought you a range of great-looking radiators for the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen several new ones have hit the market and some of the better ones we showed you in the past have been discontinued. That said, it’s time to look at a few of the new, interestingly designed ones now available.

New Home Radiator Designs

modern wall-mounted radiators
The 6 Radiator (horizontal and vertical)

With these new home radiator designs you can add not only heat, but color, texture and form, to any room in the house. Wall-mounted or free-standing, horizontal or vertical, stainless steel or colored, here are a few of the fabulous options.

Flower Radiator in colors or stainless steel
Flower Radiator in colors or stainless steel

These are all relatively new to the market and although they’re from various brands, they’re all available online. Almost all of these are available in multiple sizes or a range of colors.

The Loulou is a simple curvilinear stainless steel polished wall-mounted radiator that is as decorative as it is functional.

horizontal or vertical wall radiators
The Loulou radiator

The Tetris radiator is a looping piece of art available in multiple colors, sizes and formats.

modern radiator designs
The Tetris Radiator (horizontal shown)

For obvious legal reasons, they couldn’t name the radiator shown below LEGO, but it’s LEGO-like and available in lots of colors and shapes.

Lego-like wall radiator
The Leagoo radiator

The Horoscope radiator is a masculine, sculptural relief with a heated towel bar.

new radiators for 2023
The Horoscope Radiator

The Olympia radiator is a stone powder finish that looks like a piece of abstract art. Available in mulitple sizes and colors.

art radiators
The Olympia Radiator

A freestanding electric radiator with a lasercut stainless steel floral pattern, The Cream radiator is avaiable in various sizes.

free-standing radiator
The Cream radiator

The Tornado radiator is an industrial looking sculptural radiator of four long coils and is available in RAL color to match anything.

industrial-looking radiator
The Tornado Radiator

The Hornet radiator is a subtle modern take on the old traditional radiators. Horizontal or vertical, it’s available in multiple colors.

modern wall radiators
The Hornet radiator

The Paul H is a contemporary but industrial looking tubular wall mounted radiator with chrome accents.

The Paul H Radiator
The Paul H Radiator

The Atlas radiator is a matte white stone powdered finish in a subtle modern columnar relief that works in home or office.

matte white stone wall radiator
The Atlas radiator

And for those who prefer subtle, there’s the Incognito, a paintable radiator to match any wall in the house.

The Incognito Paintable radiator
The Incognito Paintable radiator

All of these, and many more, are available for purchase here

Bizarre, pop-art and more unusual radiators
Bizarre, pop-art and more unusual radiators to choose from