Nendo Designs Coffee Mugs For Starbucks That Never Need A Refill.

Nendo Coffee Mugs For Starbucks

Okay, so they do actually need a refill if you’d like a second cup. However, when turned upside down, these three new mugs designed for Starbucks in Japan appear as a full Americano, latte and caramel macchiato.

Nendo Coffee Mugs For Starbucks


Japanese design firm Nendo designs coffee mugs for Starbucks. They took Starbucks’ classic white coffee mug and added a graphic to the base that looks like the surface of a coffee drink, so that when the mug is drying or being stored upside down, it looks as though it’s actually full.

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The mug comes in three varieties – Americano, latte and caramel macchiato – and will be released in Starbucks throughout Japan. A design that represents Starbucks’ worldview: of feeling fulfilled, and seeing the world as half-full, never half-empty.

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photos by Akihiro Yoshida

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