NEGO the Japanese Board Game with Sculptural Cat Game Pieces.

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Years ago we were one of the first blogs to bring the stacking cats game to your attention. Now we have a more sophisticated game for cat lovers. Nego is a battle board game from Ash Concept’s original brand “d+” of Taito-ku, Tokyo that incorporates the habits of cats to compete for space.

Nego, cat board game

playing japanese board game with cats

It’s a game in which the black and white game pieces, shaped like felines in various positions, are placed alternately on a gridded board, and the winner is determined by the cats covering the majority of squares on the game board.

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japanese board game with cats

Fill the board with cats, being careful not to get surrounded by your opponent’s cats. At the end of the game, it’s soothing to see each other’s cats gathered together like a cat dumpling.

cat huddle

Each cat-shaped game piece is handmade by craftsmen in collaboration with soil Co., Ltd. The plaster material feels moist, smooth, and cool in your hands, with just the right amount of heft.

nego board game

cat pieces for NEGO game

There are 10 types of pieces, ranging from kittens that fit in a 2cm square to cats that are over 8cm and can fit up to 4 squares.

black and white cat game pieces

black cat game pieces

white cat gamepieces

The various cats and kittens sport different facial expressions and are cute enough to put on display, even when not playing Nego.

small sculptural cat figurines

The frosted glass-like acrylic board is lightweight, and doesn’t break or scratch easily. The colors and patterns of items placed under the translucent board create an atmosphere as if cats are fighting over territory in various places.

cats on translucent game board

The power of cats is great.
Just seeing them gives off a peaceful atmosphere.

plaster cat sculptures

You can play games while admiring each one, or display them as objects.
The world will become a little more peaceful. – designer Yuka Morii

nego board game with cat pieces

How to play the 2-person game Nego:

About the designer:

designer yuki morii
designer yuki morii

Yuka Morii is a three-dimensional sculptor and miscellaneous goods collector. Her job is to make and admire small things. As a miscellaneous goods collector, her representative work is the “Supermarket Mania” series. Her recent books include “Monthly Local Diary in Taipei.” She graduated from Kuwasawa Design Institute and completed graduate school at Tokyo Zokei University. She is a lecturer at Kuwasawa Design Institute. She is the representative of Yuka Design. She announced and released the “Neko Cup/Koneko Cup” (from 2019), an infinite cat making machine that creates cat silhouettes out of sand, soil, snow, etc., from +d.

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Price: 8,800 yen (tax included)
Size: Piece / approx. W20-40 x D20-40 x H30-40mm, Board / approx. W170 x D170 x H3mm
Weight: Piece / approx. 20-55g, Board / approx. 100g
Material: Pieces / plaster, board / acrylic resin
Set contents: Pieces x 24 (12 white, 12 black), board x 1
Made in Japan, Ships worldwide.

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all images courtesy of H concept and Koncent