Bob, The Sleeping Duvet Dog and Granny – More Trompe L’oeil Bedding From Snurk.

Snurk trompe l'oeil bedding

I love this brand’s photorealistic bedding – as you can tell by the not one, but two previous posts I wrote about the trompe l’oeil bedding from SNURK.

Snurk trompe l’oeil bedding

above: Snurk’s first bedding design, the Homeless Duvet

above: the Laundry Series by Snurk appears to have various clean whites tossed upon the bed

The Holland-based company designs duvets and pillowcases that are made in Portugal of 100% high quality soft percale cotton. Digitally printed with photographic images that mislead the eye, they are designed to be color-fast, even after multiple washings.

Now, they’ve added two new designs since my last post on them – ‘Bob’ and ‘Granny’, shown below.


Bob is the best kind of dog. He’s cute, cuddly and curled up atop your bed. He doesn’t need baths, or treats- or even walks. He’ll keep you company morning, noon and night with no worry about fleas.

Bob’s photo shoot:

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Granny is a digital photographic print of a crocheted cover. Complete with the coziness and homemade look of an afghan hand crafted by your own grandma.

The Snurk designers with Granny:

100% soft cotton
digitally printed, color-fast, even after multiple washings
printed on the front with a white back
not suitable for the dryer
produced in an eco-friendly manner
washable at 40°C

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