Fritz Haeg’s Modernist Home in Joshua Tree is for Sale.

modernist home joshua tree

Wanna live out in the middle of Joshua Tree? Far away from everything and everyone? Then you’re in luck because artist / architect Fritz Haeg‘s one bedroom, one bathroom modernist desert home is for sale with an asking price of $498,000.

Modernist Home in Joshua Tree for Sale

Modernist Home in Joshua Tree for Sale

If Breaking Bad’s Walter White had a penchant for Modernist architecture, this 721 square foot home on 45 acres nestled between two large five acre parcels of land in the midst of the Southern California desert would have provided him both privacy and style- complete with onsite lab.

Built in 2010, the home designed by Fritz Haeg combines a modernist aesthetic with efficiency.

Features include custom bathroom, custom shower, concrete floors, high ceilings, recessed lighting, enclosed garden area, wood treated ceilings, double pane windows and wonderful natural lighting.

fritz heag home joshua tree

An enclosed garden butts up against the exterior of the curved corrugated metal bathroom:

joshua tree architecture

Inside, there’s treated arched wood in the front entry and rear bedroom:

joshua tree home fritz haeg

9′ tall wood ceilings have inset lighting:

The custom bath and shower are clad in curved corrugated aluminum and the shower is open to the skies above:

modern bathroom joshua tree

Kitchen has an electric stove and dishwasher:

And concrete patio with wood overhang is perfect for outdoor dining or desert night sky stargazing:

MLS#JT18124249 provided by Paul Karr of Joshua Tree Realty

UPDATE: We checked to see the value of this home in 2022 and according to Redfin, the home is presently valued at $1,006,911, that’s +$572K since it sold in 2018