WOW! Look What The Easter Bunny Brought Us: Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus Easter Shoot

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny! These truly beautiful, fun and flirty pics of Miley Cyrus in a pin-up inspired Easter photoshoot were taken by celebrity photographer Vijat Mohindra.

Miley Cyrus Easter Bunny

Miley Cyrus Easter Shoot

The 17 wonderful photos of celeb Miley Cyrus clad in soft pastels and donning pale pink hair, the occasional Bunny Ears and a few sparkly props, were shot in the warm glow of the afternoon sun.

miley cyrus in bunny ears

miley cyrus easter photo editorial

According to Vogue, Miley styled herself with help from art director/eyewear designer Bradley Kenneth McPeek. Also, according to Vogue, it’s for an Easter Calendar about which they were no details.

Miley Cyrus Easter Vogue

miley cyrus pics

Vijat Mohindra by Vijat Mohindra

Vijat Mohindra pics of miley cyrus

miley cyrus geting a spanking from the easter bunny

Thanks to Miley’s Instagram account we can share with you all these wonderful photos.

miley cyrus in easter basket

Vijat Mohindra has photographed Miley several times before.

images courtesy of Miley Cyrus on Instagram