Mark Oliver Litterbugs Are Like Steampunk Entomology

Mark Oliver Litterbugs

Artist and illustrator Mark Oliver has taken the Victorian tradition of insect collecting and given it an artful twist in his “litterbugs’ by using disposed of objects from today’s urban world to create his own insects.

Mark Oliver Litterbugs

Frequency Moth by Mark oliver
Frequency Moth

The results are three dimensional ‘bugs’, painstakingly crafted by hand of paper, metal and other items carefully sourced by the artist. His intention is to create art that fascinates from a distance and yet, upon closer inspection, reveals a sense of humor.

Magneto Beetle
Magneto Beetle
mark oliver art
Reference Moth
steampunk entymology
artist Mark oliver
above: Mark Oliver at work on his Litterbugs

When multiple pieces are hung together, the illusory effect is fabulous. Like a wall of steampunk entomology exhibits.

Pair of Bridge Beetles
paper beetles
Squadron Flies

The bugs have been exhibited internationally, and sold through various galleries across the UK, as well as through direct contact with the artist.

paper sculpture mark oliver
Mariner Moth
steampunk entymology
Muscle Bug
litter bugs mark oliver

Litter Bug Assemblagé kits
diy litterbug assemblage

Mark also sells 4 different kits of Litterbug assemblages which come flat-packed to be built by the consumer and hung on their own walls with pride.

paper art kits

The flat-packed assemblagé:

The final result:

DIY paper art kits

The four flat-packed Litter Bug Assemblagé kits come ready to assemble with full instructions.
Please email Mark here for purchase details.

About the artist:

Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver

Mark is a well established, professional Illustrator. Using paint, computer and/or collage, he has illustrated for Advertising, Editorial, Design and Publishing. His list of picture books include: ‘Foley and Jem’ and ‘Robot Dog’, ‘Tom’s Clockwork Dragon’, ‘Monsters. An owner’s guide’ and ‘Aliens. An owner’s guide’. Awards include: Gold for the TfL/SAA ‘Open Spaces’ poster award. Runner Up in the 2003 Avensis prize for his book ‘Get in Gear’.Winner 2006 Stockport Children’s Book award for ‘Robot Dog’. ‘Monsters. An owner’s guide’ was long-listed for the Greenaway Medal and winner of the 2011 Stockport Children’s Book.


all images are courtesy of the artist