Marble Circles – A Radical Area Rug by Patricia Urquiola For Budri

marble circles
Marble Circles was created by designer Patricia Urquiola as part of Italian company Budri’s Nat/f/Use collection. The unusual area rug /carpet consists of inlaid and open work lace patterns held together by a fluorescent yellow rope. Together they create an area rug reminiscent of stepping stones.

Marble Circle carpet 3 IIHIHMarble Circle carpet 4 IIHIH

The colours are the delicate pastel shades of limestone and marbles, the patterns recall those of knitted wool: a mutation that transforms the hardness of stone into an idea of softness and warmth.
Budri Marble Circle carpet 2 IIHIH

cm 130 x 250
inch 51.18 x 98.42

patricia urquiola budri image IIHIH

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