A Mani With Mini People You Can Do Yourself. And Here’s How.

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Mani With Mini People! Here’s a manicure that puts the world at your fingertips. Alice Bartlett has impressed us by turning her fingernails into grass covered turf complete with miniature people for fun nails that may inspire you to do the same.

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mini mani with people
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All you need is some green nail polish, some nail glue, some Donjer flocking fibers, and tiny HO scale or N scale figurines from model train hobby companies (there are links to purchase all of these at the end of the post). You may want to add animals, trees, whatever. When it comes to model scale figurines, you can go wild. They make mini people mooning and flashing, kissing and dancing, riding bikes, and much more.

The basic recipe is the same.

Mani With Mini People

What You Need
What you need IIHIH

Any of these Green nail lacquers:
Green nail lacquers IIHIH
Opi Texas Collection Don’t Mess With Opi .5 oz.
Color Club Back To Boho Nail Polish, Green, Artsy Crafty, .05 Ounce
Zoya Nail Polish (Green) Josie-ZP667
Essie STYLENOMICS Emerald Green Nail Polish 806 Lacquer
Essie Nail Polish Going Incognito (green) 5 oz

Brush-On Nail Glue:
Spilo: MISC Big Bondini Plus Brush-On Glue, 0.5 oz

Donjer Soft Flocking Fibers OR Suede-Tex Flocking Fibers in Kelly Green:
green flocking

What is the difference between Suede-Tex and Soft Flock?
Suede-Tex and Soft Flock are the same rayon fibers but packaged differently. Soft Flock is meant for crafters doing smaller projects, e.g. miniatures, models, holiday greeting cards, decorations, etc., and is packaged in smaller, ½ oz. packages.
Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber – Kelly Green 3 OZ BAG
Flocking Fibers, 3 oz., Kelly Green
Learn more about flocking here

Miniatures in HO and N scale:
HO and N scale people IIHIH
Peoplescale Figurines
Kingzer 100pcs N Scale Painted Model Train Park Street Passenger People (1:150)
HO Scale figurines
Bachmann Trains People at Leisure
Woodland Scenics HO Lovers WOOA1833
Blma Models HO People Mooning
Preiser Figurines
Bachmann Miniature figurines
Woodland Scenics
Walthers SceneMaster figures

And you’re ready to go!

All manicure photos courtesy of Alice Bartlett’s Flickr

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