Mach 1 : Match Head Sculptures by British Artist David Mach

David Mach sabre tiger mustard right

British sculptor David Mach has been creating sculptures and installations with such unusual media as wooden match heads, coat hangers, scrabble tiles and more. A hugely inventive artist born in 1956, his pieces garner high prices at auctions and in 1998 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Sculptures by David Mach

He is so prolific that I’m going to share some of his work with you in 2 separate posts. First, Mach 1, a few of his sculptures made from wooden matches with colored match heads.

David created his first match head sculpture in 1982 (Kinskihead, his first one, was set alight by mistake), and since then he has created dozens more. Animal heads, African mask-like heads and more. Here are a few of my favorites from his vast portfolio:

Buddha match heads:

Animal match heads:

Ethnic masks and faces match heads:

His sculptures made from wire coat hangers have been the subject of many a blog. If you haven’t seen them, here are a few good examples:

wire sculpture

The Artist:

“Being a sculptor leads everything I do. Every project I take on starts from that point. I believe that an artist must be an ideasmonger responding to all kinds of physical location, social and political environments, to materials, to processes, to timescales and budgets. I also believe that sculpture just about encompasses everything – a painting can be a sculpture, a TV ad can be a sculpture, a dance, a performance, a film, a video – all of thse kinds of art and many more can be sculpture.

When I have ideas I want to make them, and not just some of them, but all of them. As a result of that my sculpture covers a multitude of sins. I like to work in as many different materials as possible. It’s no understatement to say I am a materials junkie – jumping from highly-painted realistic cast fibreglass pieces to sculpture with coathangers, to a thatched barn roof laced with fibre-optics to designs for camera obscures (or at least the buildings to house them) and layouts for parks.

Recently, collage has had a huge influence on my sculpture. I spend so much time on collage, looking at, sorting out, re-arranging, and sticking thousands of images a week that ideas for sculpture will pop into my head whole, complete with a list of materials to make them with and a take on the different environments, museums and galleries they will inhabit.” — David Mach

about the artist (source):
David Mach was born in Methil, Fife, in 1956. He studied at Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee (1974-79), and at the Royal College of Art, London (1979-82). He was made a Royal Acadamian in 1998 and is the University of Dundee‘s first Visiting Professor of Inspiration and Discovery.

David Mach

Come back tomorrow for Mach 2: David Mach’s Myslexic, Dominatrix, Lenticular Lady and More.